Membership of LARASA

Member Benefits

As a professional be part of a bigger community and let your voice be heard!

  • The website will provide you with links to related associations, journals and current information to help you with your programs
  • As a unified organisation we will have an opportunity to meet with the ministers and parliamentarians to express our concerns relating to recreation service delivery of programmes for communities
  • Opportunities for personal development and professional growth by attending conferences, seminars and workshops
  • Opportunities for research
  • Opportunity to work with other related government departments through advocacy campaigns and projects
  • Networking with like minded professionals locally and globally
  • Discounted rates with international partners
  • Subscription includes access to a journal

Membership Categories and Rates per Annum.  Membership will be effected for one year from the date of registration.

Membership  Categories – Individual Rates

  • Professional member R800.00:-Person with at least a NQF Level 7 or above (Bachelors Degree) 
  • Young Professional R600.00:- Person with a qualification up to and including level 6 on the NQF under the age of 25.
  • Student Membership R500.00: Person registered studying towards a qualification 
  • Retired Member R 500.00: Over 60 years
  • Volunteers R250.00:- Citizens with interest in parks, tourism, leisure and recreation
  • International: upon request
  • Board Member: R800.00

Membership – Group Packages

  • Less than 10 members  R7 500-00
  • Between 11-19 members R15 000-00
  • Between 20 – 29 members R25 000-00
  • More than 29 members – rate to be advised upon application
Membership Category Professional / Board MembersYoung ProfessionalStudent MembershipRetired MemberVolunteerInternational
12 month subscription,
inclusive of access to journal